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Breaking into the Biz: The Insider’s Guide to Launching an Entertainment Industry Career

This book is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to identifying, marketing yourself for, and landing your first job in the entertainment industry, as well as setting yourself up for a satisfying and successful entertainment industry career. It walks you through creating a career strategy and getting a foot in the door of your chosen area in this often misunderstood and highly-competitive field. Even if you're not seeking your first job, this book can help you find and get the right next job on your path to making your industry dreams a reality. Written by a veteran entertainmnet industry hiring executive, this book truly is an "insider's guide." Get your copy today!

Did You Attend the 2014 Los Angeles Entertainment Industry Orientation?

Los Angeles Entertainment Industry Orientation was a daylong deep dive into having a successful and satisfying entertainment career. It featured Q&A conversations with experts on a variety of entertainment career-related topics, two panels packed with successful industry pros, and a keynote talk by Your Industry Insider founder, veteran hiring executive and entertainment career expert Jenny Yerrick Martin, on the layout of the industry, career strategy, and landing the right first - or next - job on your entertainment career path! Read the full recap here and sign up at the bottom to find stay up-to-date on more great upcoming live events brought to you by YII!  

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