The creator and writer of Your Industry Insider, Jenny Yerrick Martin is a 20+ year veteran entertainment professional with experience in the film, television and music branches of the industry. She has spent the majority of her career as a hiring executive at a studio-based production company, where she found that the people she was interviewing had little idea how the industry worked or how the position they were up for would (or wouldn’t) get them where they wanted to be. Ten minutes with her provided more of a real-world industry education than anything they learned in college or since.

In 2009, she founded this site in order to share her knowledge with a broader audience, as well as provide first person profiles of successful professionals in all branches of the industry, their true been-there-done-that stories of making it in the biz. The feedback she has received from readers, including those who have successfully applied what they learned on her site, has inspired her to compile a comprehensive guidebook (Breaking Into the Biz: The Insider’s Guide to Launching an Entertainment Industry Career, coming out later in 2012) and create a day-long live event for those who have recently arrived in Los Angeles to launch their careers (LA Orientation, more details coming soon).

Jenny is originally from Bethesda, MD and is a proud graduate of the Boston University College of Communications. She spent a very brief (and sometimes very cold) but enjoyable time in Minneapolis post-college before relocating to Los Angeles. When she is not busy with her professional pursuits, Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband, Brian, an editor and post production professional, and their pre-school-aged son, Benjamin.