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  • Resource: Children In Film

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    Like Hollywood Mom Blog which we recommended earlier this year, was created to provide information about children working in entertainment. While Hollywood Mom Blog is written from the point-of-view of the mother of a child actor (actually several mother/managers now write for it), and has a fun, friendly tone, and free content (with advertising its only […]

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  • True Story About How Kindness Counts

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    When YII came across this story, from Reno, NV-based producer, illustrator, 3D animator, motion graphics and VFX designer, and  editor, Andrew Johnson, we thought it illustrated perfectly the mindset common to so many successful entertainment pros. Alas, not all of them have this kind of understanding and humanity, but if you can cultivate it young, it […]

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  • Industry Pro: Director/Editor/Filmmaker Roger Nygard

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    Roger Nygard has become a successful feature documentary filmmaker, and director and editor on episodic television series including “The Bernie Mac Show,” “The Office,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but his entertainment career path was not a smooth one. In his profile, he talks candidly about his early struggles, and about how he turned a loan from his mother into much-needed career-stability. Current project:  My latest documentary, THE NATURE OF […]

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  • Spotlight: Billy Joe Armstrong on “Fresh Air”

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    We here at YII HQ have been fans of “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross for many years. But it was a special treat to find the iPod loaded up with an interview of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. The description provided indicated that they would talk about the award-winning album, “American Idiot”‘s transformation into a […]

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  • Industry Pro: Entertainment Consultant & Founder, The Industry Consultants, David Brauer

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    When there is a problem with a business or an opportunity to consider (acquiring another company, for instance), senior management often calls in a consultant – or a team of consultants – to assess the situation and advise on possible courses of action. Our profile subject, David Brauer, CPA, is a very respected accounting/finance professional who has worked inside entertainment companies and […]

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  • Industry Pro: Music Editor J.J. George

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    Today’s profile subject is one of the many “A-list” behind-the-scenes professionals working in entertainment today. You may not know his name, but when Adam Sandler wants to make sure the music for one of Happy Madison’s projects is edited in just the right way, he contacts J.J. Longtime readers of YII will recognize the humility and collaborative spirit of […]

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  • Two True Hollywood Stories

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    (Note: This post first appeared on in March.) I’m all in favor of people taking responsibility for things that happen in their life, but two recent discussions I had, one with a stranger and one with a friend, reminded me that sometimes it’s good to recognize when it’s not your fault. The first conversation […]

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  • Industry Pro: Television Producer Kara Vallow

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    Today’s profile subject currently has three primetime animated series on the air. Because of the demands of the medium, this means that at any one time she could be producing well over 100 episodes in various stages of prep, production, and post. Still, she scoffs when people ask in disbelief how she handles overseeing 3/4 of the Fox Sunday Night Animation Block. […]

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  • Recommended: Good In A Room

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    Being in entertainment means taking a lot of meetings. Job interviews, pitch meetings, investor meetings, actor meet-and-greets, press meetings, do-I-like-you-enough-to-want-you-on-my-project meetings. It never ends. Often there are meetings to prep for the real meeting! The term ‘good in a room’ originally referred to writers, directors, producers, and others who excelled at pitching stories/projects in meetings with decision-makers. […]

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  • Spotlight: Seismic Scripts

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    Robert Schwartz is a veteran film producer with experience in both studio and independent features. Your Industry Insider profiled him for our “Inside Scoop” series last year, which focused on his path to producing and subsequent successes, but we wanted to check in with him about his consulting business, and his efforts to help others get […]

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